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April 26, 2007


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OMG! Congratulations! It's just so wonderful.


OMG! Congratulations! It's just so wonderful.


Oh wow. That's just crazy! You guys must be so excited. and the 'not knowing tired' now, will seem like nothing until you have the child. the sleepless nights, etc etc.

Congratulations! of course!

Such wonderful news.

---Penis is vagina. lolol!!


Hooray for you!!! Hooray for Marc!!! Hooray for the baby who will have the most wonderful parents and extended family and friends. And hooray for Truck G and Truck H. Congratulations to all of you!!!! Yippee!!!!




L'chaim! Congrats to you and Marc! And, selfishly, I'm looking forward to the pregnancy posts with curse words :)





But you know, as someone who was raised Baptist and does the family Christmas thing, I *love* the Chinese food and a movie thing. LOL

Sarah Gould

Congratulations! Great timing and I'm very happy for you!!


Congratulation!!!!! This is wonderful new. I hope all is well and we should do lunch or something if you have any free time. I am sure you are really really busy these days.

Congrats again!

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