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August 25, 2008



It happens in Montana, too. Even here in Havre de Grace, where the neighbors are mostly over 60 and we all have 3/4+ acre. 8 months after we moved in, there was a rash of break-ins (as the neighbors said, the first in 40 years). The broke into the guy across the street TWICE!! And took his GUNS!!

I couldn't sleep for weeks.

And my $!&($^( doctor told me I just needed to exercise more so I could relax and sleep.


Oh, wow- I am so sorry this happened to you. What a super scary, awful thing to have happen. Especially for a SECOND time. How totally odd that the thief was looking for eye-protection... I wonder if you can't request police cars or additional street lights in your neighborhood? Especially if you could get neighbors on board? Best of luck and do keep in mind the pettiness of this crime- not that it isn't scary but that it is probably some ass$%* teenager looking for a stupid thrill. Damn kids! I hope your week improves!

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