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January 12, 2009



Happy DeLurking Day!... a day late.


I am not much for lurking on your site but hello regardless! I have questions! How did you and Marc meet? How did he propose? What would you do differently if you could re-do your wedding (not that there has to be anything!) Am just curious.

De in D.C.

I do comment occasionally so am not officially a lurker, but Hi anyway! :)


I've commented here before. Hi. :)

Wife and Mommy

Hello. I don't really lurk, I just don't say much. :)


I don't lurk here much, I usually make myself known, but I do lurk a lot of other places. Hi S! Hi Noah!


I'm so not a lurker, but what the hell.

Wahoo! Your my first link to the new blog! (but your one on the left is still wrong, just letting you know.)


How did you go about naming Noah? Were there other name considerations? (I don't believe you talked about that a year ago on your blog.)

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