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January 16, 2009



This is really beautiful. I see my Mom's nose all the time now. And of course the way she speaks. This is one of the best posts I have read ever. Thanks.


I wonder if I have a different perspective because I lost my mother so long ago. I tend to see a stranger, even though I know I came from my parents. I see my dad, but not my mother, even though I have her eyes, her nose, her smile. I think it's because she's been gone so long that my memories of her are fading. On the other side, though, I see me in my kids, I see BigDaddyFish in them, too, especially Trout.

Either way, though, great post, S. One of your best.

Becky Scott

I sometimes hear myself say something, pause, and realize I sounded exactly like my mom. Or a look just "feels" like my mom's. It's weird, makes me stop for a moment. But it's cool, too.


Thanks for making me take the time to appreciate this. I have my father's hands, with my mother's twisted index fingers, and my paternal grandmother's age spots. I hide them and don't wear jewelry because I don't want to call attention to them. (They are quite handsome on my dad, though!) Anyway, I'll take the time to appreciate the heritage I have with me everyday.

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck

It is magical. I know I have my mother's mannerisms and attitudes about so much. I actually can't wait to see how much of me is in my own children when they get older.

Wife and Mommy

I also have my mother's hands...and her mother's hands too.


I have my mother's hands, too. (She keeps asking for them back.)

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